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The ABC of hiking

The year 2023 begins and many people hoping to start a new hobby. We have one to recommend that you might love: hiking. Hiking has several positive factors; exploring our beautiful country, as a sport and to improve both physical fitness and mental health.

At Hotel Punta Leona we are going to give you some brief basic tips to start practicing this healthful activity. 

What you need?

First, the nice thing about hiking is that you don't really need much. It’s important to have a sturdy, well-fitting shoes that provide good support. It is important to have shoes with a good sole for traction as you wouldn’t want to fall and get injured.

Second, you should always carry hydration, be it water or a product for that purpose. Just taking along a cucumber is also a great idea as it provides both hydration and electrolytes. Sunscreen should be almost mandatory and of course comfortable clothes, which do not hurt you for walking many kilometers.


How to get started and where to go.

Don’t start by attempting strenuous routes. Making your first hikes too difficult may convince your that hiking is not your thing. Like any physical activity, it is best to start easy and gradually increase the difficultly of your kikes. At Hotel Punta Leona we have perfect trails for you to take your first steps. We have prepared guided walks, both day and night that will fascinate you as well as miles of trails ready for you to explore on your own.


Hiking is definitely beneficial for mind and body, but we recommend that you never walk alone in case of an emergency it is always better to have a companion along. It is also important that you use apps that help you mark the trails where you walk, and it never hurts to carry a whistle and a snack. 

Again we want to invite you to make your first steps in hiking here with us at Hotel Punta Leona. Our guides will be happy to be your teachers. After a good hike and lesson, you will be ready to relax on one of our pristine beaches or take a swim in our pools. 

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