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The Mareblu organization, whose headquarters are at the Hotel Punta Leona, is dedicated to organizing constant volunteer cleaning schedules to remove tons of plastic waste per year from the beaches of the Central Pacific.

We, as a Hotel and Club, know that there are many members with great environmental awareness, so we want to invite you to be part of this volunteer cleaning. You can be integrated individually or get together with neighbors, companies or co-workers with the objective of actively participating in the cleaning days.

“In Costa Rica the equivalent of approximately 15 trucks of waste are thrown into our rivers and seas, which means that about 400 to 600 tons reach our oceans. During the cleaning days we found refrigerators, doors, tires etc, and to add to this the country is a major importer of plastic.” said Geronimo Ciuti, founder of Mareblu.

Gerónimo emphasizes that it is important to see the conservation projects in an integral way where every little bit helps, “this year the macaw protection project turns 25 and we wanted to collaborate with the purchase and construction of artificial nests”.

For these projects Mareblu is financed by selling a line of products such as shopping bags, bottles, cutlery and reusable straw kits which can be purchased through the friendly business network or through the official accounts of the organization.

For the next few weeks Ciuti is preparing to travel about 25 kilometers in Pacific Ocean waters mounted on a raft built with disposable plastic bottles. The objective is to draw attention to how urgent it is to stop contaminating the planet with these types of materials.

Volunteers for the environment

You, your friends, neighbors or your company can organize as volunteers to clean our seas of plastic.

Mail Mareblu: info@mareblucr.org

Phone-Whatsapp: 8810-9706