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It is another world at the moment that you dive into the water and finally you can open your eyes. That’s right: the marine world is like a planet inside our Planet Earth. In there, silence is their language and you can observe the Flora and Fauna that, in another way, you will not be able to enjoy it so easily.  

Are you up for it? If your answer is an enthusiastic “yes”, in Playa Blanca you have an opening door to that fascinating aquatic world in which you can go with your entire family thanks to snorkeling.

Here, we will tell you what you need in order to visit this fascinating submarine life as well as the benefits that this activity can provide you, adequate for kids and adults.

What do I need to practice snorkeling and where can I do it?

Snorkeling, first of all, cannot be confused with Diving. For Diving, you need to take a course and get a certification. On the other hand, for snorkeling, you only need very basic equipment and swimming knowledge, as well of pure enthusiasm.

In terms of equipment, you should get an adequate mask with a tube to be able to breathe under water, as well as a pair of fins. There is no need of oxygen tanks or previous practice. The only thing you need to know is how to float and swim to maintain your body on the surface, observing what happens inside the water meanwhile you breathe from your mouth through the tube.

It is important that you take in consideration that the mask needs to be perfectly fit to your face at all times. It needs to be hermetic, avoiding the access of water into it. When you try it on, make sure that you are able to inhale from your nose when you have it on. If you can’t, it could be dangerous.

Snorkeling can be practiced anywhere where there is calm waters. Nevertheless, to do it with the whole family in a safe environment, we recommend practice snorkeling in places such as Playa Blanca, where there are little waves and where the sea has great variety of fauna to offer.

What are the benefits of snorkeling?

As well as any activity that puts your body in movement, snorkeling offers various benefits for your health, physically and mentally.

1. It helps to improve your blood circulation.

2. It allows you to tune your muscles and has a reaffirming effect.

3. It burns calories.

4. It relaxes you when being submerged in a quiet environment. In fact, some studies reveal that snorkeling has the same effect as meditation.

As you can see, the water is calling you to Playa Blanca, so you can enjoy all the benefits from snorkeling. Come to Punta Leona and discover everything our country has to offer, even under water!