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Unique experiences, unforgettable moments

Every time you visit the beach, you reconnect with nature, enjoy the sea, breathe tranquility and the best, create family moments; You meet again and realize how necessary that escape was to recharge energies, clear the mind, and renew bonds that had possibly been left behind.

Naturally, when you take a walk, you enjoy that of your choosing, doing the activities you have at hand, while enjoying its simplicity. However, many times the experience is improved by the addition of good company, and when that longed for getaway is in Punta Leona you have many  unique activities to do and share.

family on the beach

Moments out of series 

Let's take a look of all the activities offered at the hotel and review together everything we are going to enjoy in our next meeting.

  1. Bird watcher in the heights: Are you a fan of looking at the surprises that the treetops have for you? Punta Leona, with its incredible biodiversity, is the ideal place for all those bird lovers to enjoy; its colors, its soft singing and its colorful contribution to the local landscape.



  1. Underwater, a dive in the deep: Can you imagine finding an underwater museum? In Punta Leona you can enjoy the first underwater museum in Central America. In the depths of Playa Blanca, you will find Cacique Garabito, a Kemp's ridley turtle and a manta ray, ready for you to enjoy diving to the fullest and your reconnection with nature. Create an unforgettable moment visiting this incredible spot.


underwater museum


  1. Colorful wings - the butterfly house: In the wings of the butterfly, one can find all of the colors of nature. The butterfly garden, found on the hotel grounds, is ideal for a visit with children. Contemplating the beauty of these insects and learning about their life cycle of reproduction and metamorphosis is an educational experience for all. A space designed to reconnect with nature while taking the coolest photos for remembering the experience.

butterflies farm

  1. Who says that the beach and the forest are not in one place? In Punta Leona, yes! Enter our trails, enjoy nature, breathe green and reconnect with your inner self. In Punta Leona you can visit our forest and enjoy all its nature and biodiversity, while getting at peace with mother earth and further from the hustle and bustle of the city.



  1. Enjoy the water: Take a dip, enjoy the crystal clear water of Playa Blanca and spend unforgettable moments with your family. Have fun boogie boarding, learn the beauty of marine species while snorkeling, or watching dolphins on a kayak paddle.


Experience a complete walk in which you will find experiences, activities, unique, biodiversity and lots of fun. Get out of the routine and get away to Punta Leona where you will find the beach and forest in one place and experience the best of both worlds!


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