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Season verde: The perfect time to visit Punta Leona!


Tourism has many shades, blue for the sky, turquoise for the sea, red for the limpets, brown for the color of the earth that surrounds us, yellow for the intense sun and, despite this great palette of colors, there is a hue that in Hotel Punta Leona will always be our favorite and we talk about the beautiful and purifying green color.


The green season extends from May to November, it is so called, since in these months the depth of the forest surrounding the hotel is of a much more intense color. It becomes the ideal space not only for the getaway you need, but for you to reconnect with nature and take the most incredible photos of the year.


Why is it called green season?


The time of year in which this season takes place allows us to enjoy countless benefits that will make our vacations much more beautiful and satisfying, we list them one by one so that you can convincing yourself and make your reservation:


  • Everything is leafier: The treetops, the vegetation, the flora; all the plants that you see and enjoy will be a much greener color, you will notice much more life in each leaf and you will witness the best time of vegetation throughout the year, in fact because of the color of the landscape is that we call it "green season".



  • The breeze is much more abundant: The time and climate of this part of the year allows the air to run much more lightly and in a much more pleasant way.

  • The temperaturegrow: It is the season of the fruits, and of the fruits!, the climate, the temperature and the months of the year are perfect so that everything combines and ends in a colorful and delicious show of fruits, in the trees, in the plants and if we are lucky, close to where we can lower them and enjoy them.


  • Many more species of fauna are seen: The animals come out and show themselves much more frequently, since the humidity of the soil allows them to feel much cooler in the environment, without the heaviness of the heat of asphalt and concrete.


  • The temperature is much cooler: The time of year allows you to enjoy much lower temperatures, which makes it much easier for us to hike, know the trails and explore the grounds near the hotel, enter the forest and connect with nature.


  • Marine wildlife watching: Playa Blanca is wonderful not only for its color, but for the incredible amount of marine species. This time is the best for activities such as diving, snorkeling and enjoying the abundant marine life that is in the marine space that you find at hotel Punta Leona

  • Fewer people: The high season is over, so in green season, the influx of people in tourist sites is much lower.


So you know, you can give yourself a getaway with the green season the best season to get out of the routine. At Hotel Punta Leona we are waiting for you with a varied offer of food, rooms and special activities for you to enjoy.