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The perfect place for a dream holiday!

Imagine: you, the whisper of the waves of the sea, the soft cooing of the birds in the treetops, the resonance of the paths with their thousands of different voices, the sea breeze that flutters in your face ... You are on the vacation that you not only dreamed of, but that you needed to de-stress and find renewed energy.


And yes, the nature and beauty of the place you go is vital when deciding on your vacation, but so are the comfort, amenities, facilities and proximity to the capital (yes, because moving as little as possible is also quality of life) and that is where Hotel Punta Leona becomes the perfect place for your upcoming vacation.


hotel puntaleona

Still considering where to go? Leave it to us and we will help you decide.

  • Family and enjoyment: Our environment are truly focused on families, their enjoyment and spaces to live together. It fills us with joy to see children play in the pool, laugh until exhaustion and fall surrendering with the sunset. We think about their happiness, their fun and the vacation that they also deserve.



  • Spaces for couples: What if we want a romantic getaway? We are also the ideal space! With activities such as outdoor couples massages, a wonderful glamping to stay under the light of the stars or a delicious cocktail while you relax by the pool. in Punta Leona we have everything for you to enjoy another honeymoon with your love.

  • Delicious food: We have an excellent variety of bars and restaurants that will allow you to enjoy a delicious dish or a good drink. We offer nighttime activities where you will spend the night dancing and fun in the light of the moon reflected in the waves of the sea.




  • White sand, crystal clear water: Our Playa Blanca is beautiful and paradisiacal, ideal to enjoy for hours taking a dip, snorkel and know all its marine life, its colors, its beauty. Its calm waters and tree lined beach make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica and closest to San José.



  • Green, a lot of green! It is not only the beauty of the beach or the comfort of the rooms, Punta Leona is the ideal space for a dream vacation because it has the best of the beach and the forest, in the same place! That is, you can go hiking and kayaking or enjoy bird watching in the morning, while in the afternoon you can sit down to tan without problem, exactly, the best of both worlds, the perfect combination.


Punta Leona is a small paradise ideal to get out of the routine, get closer to your inner self, forget about stress, enjoy a good meal and all less than two hours from San José! Decide and book your next vacation in Punta Leona, we are waiting for you.