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Nature and recreation: Punta Leona has it all!


The trees, the warm sands of the beach, the forest, the fauna, the vegetation, we know that those things unites you to Hotel Punta Leona. its incredible nature and everything that it means, reconnecting, letting go, leaving behind and de-stressing between the murmur of the waves and the chirping of the birds.


And while it is true, the nature that surrounds the hotel is one of our favorite points to tell you, we also have other activities that you can enjoy with your friends or family to have an unforgettable and fun vacation.


A great deal, in the same hotel


Yes, we are more than a beautiful beach and incredible forest, know a little more about everything you can enjoy in the hotel facilities:


  • Near Playa Blanca: We know that water activities and near the beach are important when spending a dream vacation, but we also have: soccer court, tennis court, minigolf, and volleyball court.  in addition to that we offer full facilities for snorkeling, kayaking and boggie boarding, The sea changes when we enjoy it more closely and take a moment to enjoy its grandeur and wonders.



  • Outdoor activities: We came to enjoy, so let's enjoy!, precisely for that reason we think of a wide range of outdoor activities that you can do with your friends or family.
    • Outdoor classes : To the rhythm of zumba, with the relaxation of yoga or the concentration of Tai Chi, you choose what you want to do, we offer you an incredible array of opportunities.


  • Natural Spa: Do you need an exfoliation or just a relaxing massage? Our spa will take you through a world of de-stress, aromas and rest, all with the natural background of the forest, the sound of the waves of the sea and the chirping of the birds in the background.



  • Walks among nature: Lover of hiking and reconnecting with the forest? Our guided walks through the forest that surrounds the hotel are the ideal option for you to enjoy a walk in which you will live the flora, fauna and harmony with nature.

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  • Bird view: Do you want to witness the flight of macaws or the presence of toucans? Our guided tours to enjoy all the species of birds that are in the vicinity of the hotel, pack your binoculars and put your eyes in action so you can see some of the more than 330 species of birds in the area.


  • Butterfly Garden: A kaleidoscope of color, a space designed for the care and conservation of butterfly species that live in the forest that surrounds us, a garden in which butterflies and our tourists coexist perfectly.


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In addition, we have delicious gastronomic offerings in each of our restaurants and rooms for all styles of families and tastes. So stop just thinking about it and make your reservation so you can enjoy a dream vacation with those you love the most.