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A year has passed and our view of life has changed. Our environment, our family and our work have taken a turn of 180 degrees. We never imagined in our wildest dreams that today, we would have so many different experiences and opportunities.

Our world became digital and in many ways has become easier even allowing us to work from our homes with telework.

It looked like science fiction, a cartoon recreated it for us in the '90s, when Sonic Sonic talked to his boss on a TV and the signal was perfect. As children we saw it far away and now we are living it live.

Telework is  a form of remote work, in which the worker carries out his activity without the need to physically present himself in the specific company or workplace.

This modality brings benefits to both the employer and the worker, and to society in the long term, taking care of the environment, generating less automotive traffic, dams and chaos in cities. At the same time telework gives the worker different spaces for the work while providing more time for leisure and family.

Telework is based on the use of information and communication technologies to carry out work. Assignments are done from the place and schedule best for the worker and organization. This generates a sense of greater freedom, flexibility and enthusiasm to do the work with higher level of achievement.

Not in our wildest dreams did we think we could work while looking out to sea, feeling the sea breeze, the smells of salt and sand - a cocktail to cool off from the heat. And all of this within the comfort of your home and family.

Working from the beach today is a reality and with high speed stable Internet at Hotel Punta Leona, we can provide the personal serve to make this dream a reality.