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Summer is here!

At Hotel Punta Leona we are ready for our favorite season. 

After a rainy winter, we know that the desire for sun, sand and beach increases, so of course, Punta Leona is waiting for you.

Here you will find relaxation, renewal and adventures of all kinds. In case you were wondering; we are going to tell you everything you can enjoy this summer at Punta Leona  


We are fortunate to have three different beaches, which you can choose for your liking. 

The best known is Playa Blanca, named for its white sand.  It also has a crystal clear water, waves to play in and  a tree lined beach. Playa Mantas is preferred by those who like their ocean calm and it is normal to see open water swimmers practicing here. Limoncito, is a secluded beach where you can enjoy more tranquility.


Punta Leona is a nature reserve where you have the opportunity to explore and learn in this spectacular place. To this end, we have prepared paths of different levels of difficult so everyone to know them. We also offer fascinating guided tours in both day and night so that you can experience all the biodiversity of Punta Leona.

Water sports:

Being by the sea, we have prepared many water sports activities. At Punta Leona you can dive, snorkel, paddle, kayak, boogie, practice swimming or just enjoy sunning on the beach.


Being immersed in the nature of Punta Leona is definitely a calm experience. If you want more, we massage and relaxing moments with our natural spas. 

Family activities:

Our club has swimming pools for adults and children, we also have a  minigolf, which can become a family tournament. You can also play on the volleyball, soccer and tennis courts.  


In addition to our trails we have more specific activities for nature lovers. We have a limpet sanctuary, a butterfly garden, a mangroves and tours to see insects and birds.


Our restaurants and bars await you with the best of world gastronomy and cocktails.  In addition to our wonderful restaurants, we offer options for fast foods and snacks. 

We’re definitely your best choice for this summer’s enjoyment. Contact us today to make your reservation at any of our accommodations.  

See you soon!