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The half term gave us a break with the school holidays. The sun, sand and sea were the perfect allies to enjoy a well-deserved rest.  Going to the beach is a whole therapy, not only for our mind and spirit, but also for our body, which makes us thankful for the benefits of sea water.  In Punta Leona you can give yourself a “healthy bath” and also have a lot of good experiences in the spectacular Playa Blanca Beach or the peaceful Playa Mantas Beach.  Also, being only an hour from San Jose, you do not have to wait for the next vacation, any weekend is good.

Let's review the most important benefits of seawater which can positively affect certain processes in our body.  This is the case with certain dermatological processes or, some problems related to our breathing because it produces a nasal decongestion effect.

At muscular and joint level, seawater can also be favorable.  Our muscles are subject to a lot of stress and swimming or floating in the sea can produce a relaxing effect, as we free our joints and muscles from any kind of external pressure.  Are you convinced yet?

With so many benefits of seawater better to start planning a trip one of these weekends, or for the next long weekend.

 Finally, it is worth highlighting the positive effect of seawater on our nervous system. The rhythmic force of the waves and the ocean currents provide a gentle massage throughout the body, its relaxing sound, the distraction and tranquility that surrounds our body on a physical level can transfer to the mental level.

In summary, these various benefits transform a dip in the sea into an effective and enjoyable therapeutic activity. Come to Punta Leona and indulge yourself in the natural therapy of the sea.