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Plogging is a trend that emerged in Sweden in 2016 and has become very popular throughout Europe. People go for a run or walk and collect garbage at the same time, a practice that could be very useful when you go out to exercise on the beaches or in the middle of the forest in Punta Leona.

The term emerged as a contraction of the Swedish word "plokka upp", which means pick up and the word running.

This was started because runners in Sweden got tired of the fact that they encountered a lot of garbage on the walks and tours they went on, so they created “plogging”. This began to spread throughout Europe, where it is very popular to form "plogging" groups to take care of the ecosystem.” Durán explained.

According to sustainability experts, the trend is common mostly among athletes, however at least in our country; it is not as popular among the general population.

This initiative unites two of our passions at the Hotel and Club, sports and environmental protection, so we want to encourage you to practice this activity every time you go out to do your exercises.

‘Plogging’ is about going for a run and picking up the junk that you can find in the road.

These types of trends are very important because they are behavioral patterns that future generations will replicate and it is necessary that they gain popularity in our country as well.

The ploggers burn around 300 calories every 30 minutes since it combines running with squats every time trash is collected.

Running is one of the exercises that has the greatest benefit: it improves and reinforces endurance, coordination, speed, lung capacity and cardiovascular health. Now, in addition, it also preserves the environment and improves our environment. So, why not sign up for plogging!

César Vargas