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If you are looking to get into sport fishing then you cannot find a better place than the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. There are so many small bays and beaches laced with volcanic rock formations that lead to some of the best shore fishing in the world. On the Central Pacific, in places like Playa Mantas, fisherman can catch the highly prized Rooster Fish right from the rocks, along with a variety of snapper, mackerel and other sport fish.

One does not need overly large fishing equipment to enjoy the many gamefish available from the shore. If you have a reel with a 150-200 meters of 15-20lb line and rod of 20lb you can start, if on the contrary you do not have one, you can visit Stone Mountain to advise you and give you the best option and why not, a few tips. With this, you will be ready to go fishing!

Guanacaste is also known for offering great fishing opportunities. Due to the unique way that the ocean currents bring the cold water into the area, fisherman regularly catch Yellow Fin Tuna and Dorado right from the shoreline, these types of fish are normally associated with offshore fishing in large boats but on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast it is becoming a common occurrence to catch these fish right from the rocks.

The best thing about sportfishing however, is getting outside with family and friends making memories for a lifetime. You don’t have to be a pro to have fun and catch a few fish at the same time.