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When we named this article as “movie places” we don’t just say it figuratively: we are talking about places in Costa Rica that actually served as a stage for stories on the big screen.

Over the years, the country has attracted some productions, which have used the Costa Rican territory as a base for numerous scenes in which the seventh art demands exuberant nature.

Here we briefly recount some of the most used places in feature films that have been filmed in this Central American paradise, which has not in vain become a movie destination:

1. Arenal Volcano

A semiperfect volcanic cone, surrounded by wild green ... With only the description in a sentence, to our mind comes a stage out of a movie.

Arenal Volcano has thus become one of the most used locations, not only for feature films, but for documentaries and reality shows.

For example, After Earth was filmed in La Fortuna de San Carlos, as well as in Sarapiquí. With Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith, as protagonists, the film belongs to the genre of science fiction, so a scenario like this fits perfectly in a world that goes as far as imagination requires.

2. Manuel Antonio

The mix of beach and jungle has made this national park also an ideal place for science fiction. It was here where Mini Spy 2: The Island of Lost Dreams was filmed.

Although the plot speaks of a fictitious island near Madagascar, fact is that this “dream island” is actually the coast of the Costa Rican Pacific.

3. Irazu Volcano

Costa Rica’s volcanoes indeed seem to seduce easily movie’s cameras. Congo was filmed both at Arenal volcano and Irazu volcano.

Also, the surroundings served to recreate a world where adventure and nature are combined in a film in which these are two key factors for the plot.

4. Playa Blanca

A movie with the word “paradise” in its title must be, of course, filmed in a paradise. That’s why for 1492: Conquest of Paradise the production chose Playa Blanca as the location for Christopher Columbus to set foot in a new world. The white sand, the calm blue sea and the exuberant nature of the surroundings made this destination the perfect place to reflect the beauty of an entire continent.

If you want to live your own movie in real life, we invite you to visit these places in Costa Rica. It will be as fantastic as any scenario you could dream of through the magic of the big screen.