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Learnmore about regenerative tourism

When you visit Punta Leona, you take away much more than the good memories of a "getaway". You enjoy it’s nature; a walk along the trails, the beautiful wetland, the coral gardens, the opportunity to experience the colors when you enter its butterfly garden or see an incredible underwater museum. So, when you leave Punta Leona, you leave in love with the feelings and the deep connection that go beyond memories. 

nature photo Punta Leona

This is precisely what regenerative tourism is about, this is the type of tourism that seeks to create  experiences that end up becoming deep connections between visitors, the community and ecosystems, its purpose is to create shared value  and restore natural and sociocultural capital. 

 Regenerative Leona Point 

Our regenerative tourism program  has three main parts that seek to protect and promote healthy coexistence in harmony with nature; through the efforts of the hotel facilities, through environmental certifications, direct experience with the marine and wild landscapes. Each of these areas is covered by different activities or initiatives. 

  1. Tourist, environmental, social and public health  certifications: Through these programs: Ecological Blue Flag, Health Quality Seal  and the Certificate of Tourism Sustainability, we  ensure that Hotel Punta Leona makes responsible use of resources, guaranteeing  the care of natural water sources while evaluating the impact;  social, economic, cultural and environmental of our hotel operation.
  2. Conservation programs: In this area, we emphasize generating connections between tourists and the community through programs that allow us to conservation, study and develop knowledge of different species within the hotel ecosystem. Our Scarlet Macaw Conservation program, the regenerative wetlands initiative, our aquaponic nursery, the butterfly farm and the Private Reserve programs are perfect examples of this effort. These initiatives allow us  to promote the value of the forest while conserving species,  and educating about sustainable models, taking advantage of resources and protecting natural resources, all in harmony with are  achievements with those who decide to visit Punta Leona.

    Conservation program

3. Marine Conservation: Marine ecosystems are a fundamental part of our development efforts in harmony with nature, As part of this effort, we developed the Underwater Museum, coral gardening and regenerative reefs, as a way to conserve  and promote natural marine resources,  generate ecological restoration and promote the growth of new reef colonies, while all the time, generating tourist experiences that allow visitors to activate deep connections with Hotel Punta Leona and its initiatives. 


Each of these initiatives seeks to take tourists  to live an experience that will lead them to a deep connection with themselves, others and nature. At Hotel Punta Leona we are  working far beyond sustainability, we are creating, forging and developing the ideal path for restoration, reconciliation and eco-social regeneration through regenerative tourism. 


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