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In Punta Leona, you breathe nature!

Imagine: the whisper of the waves, your feet in contact with the pleasant white sand, the soft song of the treetops that move to the sound of the breeze, and the blue sky contemplating the immensity and beauty of the turquoise sea of Playa Blanca. This is the landscape that we offer you to enjoy days where you breathe nature.

And, in our facilities, you will find much more than rooms; We are a natural space where the beach is just one of our main actors. At Hotel Punta Leona you will enjoy a walk along the trails, a look at the first underwater museum, the natural fauna of the area and many more activities that you can enjoy as a couple, with friends, with family and even on your own!


A paradise for bird lovers

Punta Leona stands out for being a paradise for bird lovers, with more than 330 different species. No matter what top of the tree you look at, you can always see toucans, owls, woodpeckers and the imposing scarlet macaw, a bird that reaches up to 85 centimeters long and we are protectors through our conservation program. For this project, we provide space for the nesting and reproduction of these beautiful birds offering constant monitoring of its behavior for the scientific community.


Playa Blanca gives you life!

In addition to our commitment to the conservation of bird species, our wealth of flora and our comfortable facilities, we have Playa Blanca, which allows us to ensure an incredible landscape, surrounded by white sand and a crystal clear turquoise sea, ideal to enjoy the sun, snorkel or enjoy the fall of night with the impressive colors of a beautiful sunset. Playa Blanca is a tree lined beach providing shade as well as sun. Still don't believe us? Check it here with your own eyes.

Playa Blanca in Punta Leona stands out for being one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Costa Rica and close to the capital. In just 90 minutes by car you will find this beautiful natural destination, with more than 70 marine species, among which the parrotfish, the sergeant, the cortes, the angel or the cabrilla stand out. In addition, the rocky reefs jut out, which allow the presence of coral colonies and species such as starfish, sea urchins, snappers and snorers. An ideal space for you to leave behind the routine and know more about the beauties that the Pacific coast of Costa Rica has for you!


Get to know us!

So, now you know. If what you need is to reconnect with nature, a comfortable space, with different activities every day and close to the capital, Hotel Punta Leona. we are the ideal option for you to leave behind the daily rat race, get out and rediscover life and the tranquility that you can only get from mother nature.