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Naturalists from all over the world visit Costa Rica with the hope of seeing one of the most impressive marine shows: the sighting of huge humpback whales, which jump and swim along with their calves.

For several years Punta Leona has been witnessing this spectacle, but the last four years have been exceptional.  These giants of the sea swim along the coast of Playa Blanca Beach, enjoying its warm and calm waters whilst also feeding and playing with their calves.

Humpback whales migrate from the cold northern and southern hemispheres, searching for the warm waters of the Pacific, staying close to our shores between July and November, this being one of the longest sighting seasons in the world.

Patience is required and also bit of luck to be able to observe them, nevertheless during this season they are seen by our visitors almost every day.

"They come out every day in the morning. My granddaughterrs and friends were impressed to see them jump; it was a great show, "says Edwin Aguilar, who is a member of Punta Leona Club. I saw one on Saturday morning but today she was showing off!” said Jorge Paniagua. "We've seen four of them from my balcony, quite a spectacle," said Karen Goicoechea.

No doubt Punta Leona is now a whale watching site, another wonder to add to this natural paradise.