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The image, pitifully, went around the world causing discomfort for many in the country: a large group of turtles that were unable to continue their natural process of spawning because of the avalanche of tourists that populated Ostional in September of last year.

The scene, even though it is sad, it helps us as a reminder for us to learn about our mistakes so we don’t repeat them again. That is why in Hotel y Club Punta Leona, as part of one of the natural scenarios where life starts, we offer you the following recommendations for you to witness the process of spawning and birth of the turtles without hurting them.

1. Make sure to go with an authorized guide to see the turtles. Usually, this is the most important step now that every protected area counts with a limited amount of people that can witness the event. In accordance with witnesses, what happened in Ostional was that too many tourists came without an assigned group and that caused that the activity went out of control.

2. Avoid talking too loud, yelling, or taking with you music players to the zone where the turtles are. They need a peaceful and quite environment.  

3. Do not touch the turtles and their eggs. On the contrary: maintain a proper distance (various meters) so they can continue their journey without any setbacks.

4. Avoid the practice of swimming, sunbathe, or do any sports in the area of spawning.

5. If you go at night, do not use flashlights as well as using your phone´s flash. The guide is the one in charge of taking a flashlight with a red filter.

6. Before starting a wood fire, make sure that you are not near any of the turtle’s nests.

7. If you find by any chance a turtle in the process of spawning, do not try to help her. Even though turtles are agile in water, they can be slow and clumsy in land. That does not mean that the turtle has a problem or needs help. It is always better to leave nature maintain its natural course.

8. Similar as the previous point, do not help a turtle to get back to the sea. It doesn’t matter if it is a new born or an adult; do not help them get back to the sea.

9. Maintain the beach waste-free. When you leave the area, take with you everything you brought.

As you can see, it is possible to witness this miracle of nature and at the same time, act with responsibility so future generations can also witness it. It is time for us to find the balance in the same planet in which all living things have the same right to live.