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Have you ever wanted to go scuba diving?

Do you want to dive for the first time? Hotel Punta Leona is a great place to start.

In Hotel Punta Leona we are full of surprises, one of those is that our beaches are ideal for learning to dive. We’ll show you what you need to start diving and get to know the marine world. 

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Diving is a very technical sport mainly because of the equipment used.  You should look for an academy with certified teachers to grant you the theoretical and practical licenses. 

You must have certain basic equipment of your own once you start doing the ocean water dives. The equipment includes mask, snorkel, regulator, suit and fins. With this you can move to different diving spots where your instructor can help you to make the best of your adventures. 

The ideal place:

The protected beaches of Punta Leona, are ideal for people to make their first entry in the world of diving. Playa Mantas, with its warm and calm its calm waters is perfect for your first dives.  Then Playa Blanca offers you the only underwater museum in Central America, so this will give you a very striking addition to your new sport. 

At Hotel Punta Leona we will be happy to help you with your first steps into the underwater world of the sea. Make your reservation and ask about what water activities are available at the Punta Leona Resort

See you in the water!