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Guided day and night walks

At Punta Leona we offer special treats: Enjoy night and daytime trail adventures take in the  nature of our 650 acre resort. At Hotel Punta Leona we do not want you to miss any detail of the plants and animals inhabiting our forest.  

For this, we create guided walks for day and night, so that you can enjoy a unique adventure fall more in love with the wonders that nature gives us in our country.

Did you know that the Hotel Punta Leona is located in one of the most important private reserves in The Pacific? And not only that, here is one of the few places where you can enjoy the transition from the dry forest of the northeast and the rainforest of the southwest. This has caused life to flourish in our jungle. Vida, with its humid tropical and dry forest is home to 330 species of birds. WOW! Yes! Here you can see Red Macaws, Barbinaranjas parakeets, ospreys, crab hawks, hummingbird diversity, among many other species. So bring your binoculars, because here you will certainly use them. And not only bird; here you can also see white faced monkeys, raccoons, pizotes, kinkajúes, spider monkeys, sloths, as well whales.

Also, the diverse flora creates a green space, full of endemic species of great color and sizes. You can experience all of this on our walks lead by trained naturalists. We have 3 well accessible and marked trails, located in the dense and lush rainforest and that will definitely surprise you. For nighttime the more adventurous can see snakes, scorpions, frogs among others. Here we ask you for appropriate clothing, that is, hiking shoes and pants. In addition to our trails and walks within the jungle, we have a butterfly garden full of color and life, created with native species, so they are living and reproducing in their natural habitat.

Book your space today at the hotel reception and come with your family, partner or friends to enjoy a guided walk as you have always wanted.

Our guides are bilingual in case you want to bring a friend who is visiting our country. 

Download some tips that might help you con your guided walks (click here)

We are waiting for you!!