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Experince the art of bird watching

Birds come in all colors and sizes. Their song can be as sweet as the purest melody or terrifying signaling a threat in the sky. Birds from around the world have enchanted experts and amateurs who seek them out among the branches of the forests.

If you have opted for ornithology or are curious to do so, Punta Leona is the perfect place. The hotel's more than 600 acres and special location within the Corredor Biológico del Pacifico makes our gardens, the beach and the forest that surrounds it, home to more than 30 species of birds and a place of passage for migratory birds passing through Costa Rica.

The best time for bird watching is in the morning when the noise of the day has not begun. Go out in the gardens or walk along the shore of the beach to observe some of the species resident to Punta Leona. The bird watching can be done on your own or on the guided tour with our experienced naturalist guide. The tour starts at 6:00 a.m. and is limited in size so check availability and register at the hotel reception.

To observe birds, it is recommended to have binoculars while some bird watchers have telescopes and more advanced equipment. There are many species such as turkeys, orioles, toucans, limpets and flycatchers that can be observed with the naked eye on the grounds of Punta Leona.

Along the roads and trails of Punta Leona you can see Momotos, trigueros, Jacamar, tinamids and many others.


Momoto    Triguero    Jacamar    Tinamou

Of the migratory species, the most common is the summer Tanager that shows its striking red plumage in the gardens of the Hotel. 

Tangara veranera

If you already practice ornithology or want to get started in the art of bird watching, Hotel Punta Leona offers the ideal conditions to do so. Visit us and enjoy the beauty of the birds.