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Are you the type of person who enjoys water sports and activities? Would you like to experience a new form of entertainment and fun where you enjoy the sea while you travel through beautiful scenery?

Well, all that is offered by the “Standup Paddle Board”, also known as SUP, a new sporting activity that offers a new way of having fun in the water and which you can enjoy in Playa Blanca or Mantas beaches. We provide you with the necessary equipment to "get in the water". This sport is very similar to Surf since it is done on a long board or a board, but unlike surfing, SUP can be practiced in calm waters, with or without waves, in rivers, lagoons or bays.  Another significant difference with the practice is the use of a paddle that helps to propel you through any surface of water.

One motivating factor to try SUP can be for someone who likes the idea of surfing but doesn’t dare to face the big sea waves, the “Standup Paddle Board” is perfect because it is far safer and can be practiced by both children and adults.

In addition, SUP offers great benefits for your health as your body burns up to 450 calories per hour!  Also your body gets toned as well by having to keep your balance on the board whilst using the oar to move forward at the same time - so it's great to stay in shape!

This sport has become a favorite across the world and Punta Leona with its calm waters, is the perfect place to practice it. Motivate yourself to come and enjoy the sea, take some exercise and appreciate nature all on top of a Paddle Board.