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Celebrate romance by watching the stars!

Valentine's Day is approaching and with it, the pressure to see what we can give to our special someone. You probably have already thought of all possible ideas, and it is very likely that you have already given it to past lovers (although it may be the first February 14 together!) and want a surprise, something special So, if you find in that situation, read on because we can probably help.

Do you know glamping? Well, the term has become popular in recent months and was basically born as a fusion between camping and the comfort of a room – dreamed up for those who’s desire for creature comforts prevented them from “just going camping”- so the "cool camping" or "glamorous camping" or as we know it: glamping was created. . This is a kind of bubble fully equipped to spend a comfortable, romantic moment in the light of the moon and stars, a private space, ready to create bonds and memories, surrounded by nature.


Now that you know what it is, we’ll suggest why you should try the glamping experience of Hotel Punta Leona and enjoy your next Valentine's Day in an original way:

1. It is a different way to enjoy nature: you enter its sounds, its colors, and even its darkness by enjoying – from the comfort of your bed – a starry sky and the sound in the background of the beautiful Playa Blanca.


2. It is a type of sustainable trip: we create a space in harmony with nature and enjoying it with low environmental impact.


3. You enjoy all the services of the hotel: while you are staying under the moonlight, and can go to enjoy a romantic dinner at Carabelas Bar and Restaurant, take a, walk to the beach , enjoy a snorkeling or do any of the many activities offered by Hotel Punta Leona.


4. It is close to the capital: we offer you a natural space, with intense and incredible landscapes, a beautiful beach, all just 90 minutes from the capital, so you do not have to travel great distances to have a memorable Valentine's Day!


5. Strengthen bonds: the glamping environment of Punta Leona ensures a romantic and private space that will allow the couple to light the flame of love and enjoy their company in the light of the stars.

6. It de-stresses you: Being surrounded by nature and silence allows your brain to release that stress and leave behind the messes of everyday life.


Gone are flowers, letters and chocolates! Punta Leona glamping is the perfect Valentine's Day trip, an unexpected gift and a perfect opportunity to leave your partner impressed and even more in love.

Decide and give an original, beautiful and unique gift this February 14, book, come and meet our new way to stay!