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A ticket to paradise has never been so easy to book as it is today with so many airlines flying to Costa Rica. Just a few clicks and you can have a seat to a land whose strength is felt through its volcanoes, whose peace you can breathe in the mountains and whose joy tickles you when you visit its beaches.

Do you dare to travel to a paradise located in Central America? Hotel Punta Leona offers you a list of the main airlines that fly to Costa Rica, so that you can enjoy your holidays sponsored by the energy of nature in the beautiful beaches and forests of Costa Rica:

1.Condor: one of the most recent airlines to fly to Costa Rica, Condor connects San Jose with Germany, either from Frankfurt or from Munich with its new Munich-Punta Cana-San Jose flight.

2. Iberia: the Spanish airline connects two capitals, the Iberian one with the Costa Rican one, with direct flights or through Panama.

3. British Airways: always crossing the Atlantic Ocean, British Airways also offers direct flights from London.

4. Air France: with connections in Mexico, United States and Panama, you can also fly to Costa Rica all the way from Paris.

5. United Airlines: New York, Houston, Los Angeles ... United Airlines has numerous options to fly from the north to the center of the American continent.

6. American Airlines: another veteran connecting United States with Costa Rica, American Airlines offers flights to San Jose and Liberia nonstop.

7. Delta: based at the busiest airport in the United States, Delta offers flights to Costa Rica with Atlanta as a hub.

8. Aeroméxico: connecting the north of Mesoamerica with the south, Aeroméxico offers flights to Costa Rica from the Mexican capital.

9. Copa: since they are so close to Costa Rica, this Panamanian airline offer up to 9 daily flights to San Jose.

10. Avianca: the Colombian flag airline has already experience cruising the Costa Rican skies, especially since it merged with TACA.

11. Volaris: revolutionizing the market with low-cost flights, this airline recently has begun to fly between Guatemala and Costa Rica.

12. Air Canada: with stopovers in Canadian territory, it connects Costa Rica with more distant latitudes, including Europe.

13. Alaska Airlines: Alaska sounds totally opposite to Costa Rican landscapes, but with this airline both of them get connected through U.S. vast territory.

14. Air Panama: the daily transit between two neighboring countries is also covered by Air Panama with very competitive prices.

As you can see, all roads lead to Costa Rica. It is a matter of sitting down to compare, make a few clicks and pack to go to a place where all the roads will lead you to enjoy the best holiday of your lifetime.