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Since you have found harmony in love, it would be important to also be in harmony with the environment, right on the most important day of your life. Especially if the wedding is going to take place on the beach, an atmosphere already by itself where nature occupies the leading stage.

If that is what you and your partner have in mind for that special date, and both want to start a new chapter in their lives in an ecological way, here are some tips that Hotel Punta Leona offers to take into account to make a wedding in total harmony with the environment:

1. Send out invitations made with recycled material: if you are one of those who care more about the content of the message than the way to transmit it, consider sending invitations by digital means. But if it is really important for you and your partner to deliver them in hand, you can use recycled paper and allow your creativity to serve the planet.

2. Choose an ecological menu: for the party, choose a menu made up of organic ingredients, which have not been contaminated by chemicals or pesticides, and preferably seasonal. Also, make sure that everything is purchased in the local market. Not only will you help nature by avoiding the emission of gases when transporting the food, but you will support the local producers.

3. Decorate with recycled material: decoration is one of the elements of the wedding that allows you more to innovate and help the environment. Take advantage of fabric scraps, glass jars, stones, organic wax candles and any other item you can think of to decorate creatively. In addition, it will be very convenient in economic terms.

4. Select seasonal or potted flowers: as mentioned in the menu section, ensure that the flowers that decorate the reception come from local markets and are seasonal. You can even go a little further and choose flowers that are planted in a pot, and then spread them among the guests so that each of them can see nature blooming at home with a little care and love.

5. Choose ecological memories: in harmony with the previous point, the memories that you will distribute in the wedding can also be lasting. Consider, for example, giving a small cactus in a glass. You can also offer edible souvenirs, such as organic chocolates or fruits; Or that are usable, such as soaps or organic candles. Also consider supporting local artisans and buying some of their products.

6. Gifts on your wedding day: if you want to share the love with the planet on that special day, ask your guests that instead of buying presents, donate the money to a cause associated with the environment. It is a very beautiful way of expanding the positive vibe of one who has already found love with generosity.
Remember that at Hotel Punta Leona we offer everything you need so that on this important day do not miss the smallest detail. We are accustomed to working in complete harmony with the environment and to make, from each event, an unforgettable memory.