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Can you imagine someone watching a movie on a microwave? Well, until a few years ago the idea of someone taking pictures with a phone seemed just as absurd as this one. However, today more and more people are choosing to keep their memories on their smartphones instead of investing money in a camera.

Probably, if you are one of them, that’s why you are reading this article. So, before going to spend your holidays on the beach, here we offer you some tips to take photos with your phone and keep your memories with the quality they deserve:

1. Get to know your phone

If you are just pressing the big button on your phone’s screen, it could be a good idea to investigate in more depth the technological options of your mobile device. For example, it is important to find the balance between brightness and color when graduating the camera according to the light of the place where you are located. Many smartphones can do it automatically, but if you are interested in getting out of the preconfigured functions this is a playground for you to experiment. Also make sure that the camera is working with the highest resolution option.

2. Try to use natural light

Photography is based on playing with lights. The natural light is the best one, so avoid using the flash. Although useful, the LED technology of the flash provides plenty of light, but tends to take flat and artificial photos. The best times to take pictures are very early in the morning or at dusk, when the intensity of the shadows and the contrast decrease. Therefore, we recommend to wake up early, so you can get the best pictures meanwhile you enjoy our hiking trails in Punta Leona; or to relax at the end of the day meanwhile you wait to catch the best sunset at Playa Blanca.

However, if it is noon, do not worry: place your hand on the top of the phone as if it were a visor, always being careful not to block the lens, and you will get a better image.

3. Approach your objective

Don’t rely on the amount of the megapixels to guarantee you an optimal picture. After all, smartphone sensors are very small. To get better images, try to use the macro function of your camera, which captures the smallest details more sharply. Also try to get closer to your objective instead of always using the zoom.
Keep this in mind especially if you visit our butterfly farm, or if you come to Punta Leona to watch some of the countless birds that cross the sky around here.

4. Keep your finger on the button a few seconds before taking the photo

Did you know that cameras take the picture before you can hear the click? Therefore, when you place your finger on the button, hold it for a few moments so that you can give the lens some time to focus as much as possible. Although most smartphones offer the option of anti-shake to reduce blurring, this will help you to get a clearer image.

5. Clean the lens

Your phone, as a rule, has as much action as you, and it’s constantly in your hands, in your bag, on the table, in the car… So remember to wipe the camera’s lens with a microfiber cloth or a disposable tissue to keep them free from dust and fingerprints.

This is very important, especially when you are on the beach. Even when the sand of Playa Blanca is stunning, you wouldn’t like to have it on your mobile device, or that it gets in the middle when you want to take a picture of this natural paradise.

Ready then? Now just click and go to capture those moments that will remain with you forever!